Habari Updates

I’ve continued to make changes to this blog (and screwed up a bunch of things along the way). Things that have happened recently…

My FeedBurner feeds were pulling from the wrong place.

I originally had the blog set up at blog.nathanhammond.com. It wasn’t supposed to be its final resting place, and so when I moved it live I missed updating the FeedBurner URL. That has been fixed now and so the feeds are pointing to the right spot. I also went in and reset all of my blog times so that they didn’t spam your feeds. In Habari 0.5.1 I didn’t have the “Minor Edit” option that is coming in Habari 0.6 so all of my minor edits were resorting the feed.

I’m now running the HEAD version of Habari.

I decided that it didn’t exactly make sense to run a “stable” version of a pre-1.0 piece of software. I’ll keep up with the curve, for better or for worse. To make that easy I’ve turned my web directory into a working directory for SVN.

Wait a minute you say: doesn’t that mean the source to your site is visible through the .svn directories? I also added this to the directory’s root .htaccess file:

RewriteRule ^(.*/)?\.svn/ - [F,L]
ErrorDocument 403 "Access Forbidden"

Sure, not the most optimized way to do it, and I’d love to do it in httpd.conf, but I don’t get that privilege in a shared hosting environment. Code stolen from here.

Atom Feed Bug

I blindly filed Issue #670 on Habari’s Trac because of a problem with the per-entry Atom feed. Looking at the fix in Revision 2609 it looks like an incomplete conversion from PHP’s SimpleXML to DomDocument. Matt Read (about) fixed it and about 12 other things this afternoon. Thanks!

(I almost cared enough about this problem to look into the Atom Spec. Then I realized that was 43 pages of my life I would never get back.)