This Summer’s 13" rMBP, a Wishlist

Apple, you’re stupidly close to my ideal machine. Can you pretty please finish getting there? Starting from the existing 13″ rMBP, here is your checklist to make me happy:

  • Let me put 32 GB of RAM in it. Especially if you’re going to solder it to the motherboard. My laptop from 2008 has 16 GB of RAM in it, more than you are currently offering.
  • Discrete graphics card. I know, thermal envelope and power profile and all that jazz… but I’m okay if it is only enabled while plugged in.
  • Quad core processor. Just make it an option. This isn’t going to be something that the mainstream user will likely benefit from, but I run enough VMs that I would *love* having it.
  • Bring back the “breathing” and battery life indicators. Until I started using my work 15″ rMBP I never knew how much I relied upon both of them.

I really want the 13″ form factor, but I know that I can meet all of these goals in the 15″ form factor. I’ll be heartbroken if I have to get the bigger and more-unwieldy device for just these reasons.