Spanish? Volunteerism?

One of the things I’ve always said I wanted to do was to spend a number of months in a Latin American country in order to really learn Spanish. I’m not sure why necessarily, but it probably stems from the fact that I’ve had the privilege of spending a week in Honduras every year for the past seven years.

However, knowing me, if I don’t go ahead and start figuring out how to make this a reality it will never become one. So, this post is to set out some parameters so that I can go ahead and start the search.


  • 6 to 12 month work/volunteer opportunity in a country in Latin America. In terms of value I’ll be the best in a technology oriented position but would be happy and able to contribute in other ways.
  • Net cost of $0 for basic needs. I don’t care how I get there: provisioned for me, wages/stipend that are equal to my costs…
  • A significant amount time spent learning Spanish in a one on one immersion environment. Something like Cactus Language sounds great.

Is this possible? Anybody know of anything?

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