Habari Plugins

Plugins I’m currently using and a wishlist for future plugins that I’ll be building if nobody beats me to them. Some of these theoretically exist and they’re just not working for me… I’ll look into that more as time passes.


  • Hierarchical Tags (+ Suggestr)
  • AJAX Auto-Save
  • Custom Content Types (Custom Content Types 1.0)
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom External-Enabled Front Page
  • Live Comment Previewing (Commentated 1.0)
  • Backup
  • Threaded Comments
  • Group Handling
  • Permissions Handling
  • Visitor-Level User Accounts
  • Blog-Wide automatic addition of relevant meta tags for SEO.


  • Suggestr 0.1
  • Commentated 1.0
  • FreeStyle 0.1
  • Custom Content Types 1.0
  • Super Types 1.0


  • ThemeHelper 1.0


  • Core Dash Modules 1.0
  • Keep Login Modules 1.0
  • Maintenance Mode 0.1
  • StaticCache 0.1
  • Database Optimizer 0.3.1


  • Pingback 1.0
  • Undelete 1.0


  • FeedBurner 1.5 (works with tweak)
  • GoogleAnalytics 0.5-alpha


  • Spam Checker 1.5


  • Flickr Media Silo 1.0
  • Habari Media Silo 1.0
  • YouTube Media Silo 0.1.1

2 thoughts on “Habari Plugins”

  1. I am not sure if this comment will go through as the one that I made on the other post looked like it got caught as spam :)
    Anyway, few comments on the “LOOKING FOR” list:
    # Group Handling, Permissions Handling and Visitor-Level User Accounts should be part of the ACL system, which is one of the top major goals of Habari’s next release, 0.6.
    # Custom Fields functionality is implemented by the PostFields plugin which is hosted at the habari-extras repo.
    # Auto meta tags addition is also tackled by the MetaSEO plugin, also hosted at the habari-extras repo.

  2. It looks like the comments worked; thanks for testing that for me! At this stage in the game everything is an experience. *grin*

    Thanks for the heads up on the plugins. I think I’ve decided that trying to run a “stable” version (0.5.1) of Habari is silly. I’ll look into all the plugins again once this blog is running ‘version’ => ‘HEAD’—I think that is where I’m running into problems, compatibility.

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