Cleaning House

For both of you who actually follow this blog, you might notice some changes happening around here pretty soon. First things first, I’m going to be moving it (this blog) to either a subdomain or a subfolder and making the root of a site more focused on introducing you to me (as a developer and a person).

As part of that process I’ll be moving the blog itself off of the Habari blogging engine I’ve been using for the past 3 years and onto WordPress. This isn’t to imply that I endorse WordPress, merely an acknowledgement that the ecosystem supporting WordPress is much stronger. At this point I want my blogging platform to “just work” with all sorts of fancy whiz-bang features (and without my having to write piles of custom code).

During this process things may break from time to time and you may see a few duplicate items in your feed readers. But soon enough things will get sorted out and all of your existing links will start forwarding you to the content’s new home.

And if my feed URLs are going to end up changing I’ll let you know!

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