Business Cards

About a week ago Chris Granger was looking at Marc Grabanski’s site when he came across this post.

“Nathan, you should have business cards when you go to Boston,” he says.

I respond, “Crap. You’re right.”

So I stopped what I was doing right then to write an email to Maxim Vakhovskiy, designer extraordinaire who I worked with at MODE. The (much longer) email could probably be paraphrased to a single word, “Help!” And that he did.

On such incredibly short notice Maxim came up with five and a half directions for me to choose from. After consulting everybody I could force to look at it, I came to a decision: the color scheme from one direction, the front layout from another direction, and the layout of the back from a third—just to make it complicated. Unfazed, he sent back a finished design with all of those components this past Sunday.

Front of Business Card
Back of Business Card

Like Marc, I sent that out to Overnight Prints for printing, got them yesterday evening, and am very happy with the results. As I told Maxim, this is a piece of paper I can’t wait to give away.