After installing and fiddling with both WordPress and Habari yesterday I’ve made a decision about what blogging software I’ll be using. So, welcome all to my new blog powered by Habari.

I even like this (default!) Charcoal theme, so I’ll keep it until I’ve figured out my own custom theme. It was developed by Ali B. for use on his website http://www.awhitebox.com/ and was adopted by the Habari community. My only real complaint with where the fold falls in relation to the content—definitely something I can’t say about WordPress’s default theme Kubrick. Yes, I know they’re working on K2 but even the original developer of both of those layouts, Michael Heilemann, has jumped ship to Habari.

Basically, to this point, I’ve no complaints at all. The database is cleanly laid out to the point that I can hose major functionality fiddling with plugins and go back into the database and fix it. The code is incredibly clean, built with OOP style PHP and there isn’t 5 years of legacy cruft included.

The only problems I’ve had to deal with have been with getting plugins to play nicely, but I call that expected trying to hit such a rapidly moving target. More on that later…